Western Union

Transfer cash within minutes

Transfer cash anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes with Western Union.

Cancellation of Western Union services from 31.12.2017

PostFinance is moving in a new strategic direction. Cash transfers abroad will no longer be a part of our range of services from 1 January 2018. You will only be able to request payments with Western Union until 31 December 2017.

For questions about current or pending payments, please call us on: +41 58 667 97 65

You can continue to make outpayments in cash with Western Union. Other More information can be found at: www.westernunion.com.

We recommend PostFinance Giro international as an alternative for simple money transfers to an account abroad.

Western Union: worldwide, secure and fast

  • Secure cash transfer to over 200 countries and regions

  • Ready to collect within minutes from any one of the 500,000 Western Union agent locations worldwide

  • Money transfer in e-finance and better value than cash inpayments with other providers

  • Collect points with the Western Union My WU® program and exchange them

  • Transfer amounts up to CHF 500 to mobile phones in El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Philippines, Zimbabwe (Mobile Money Transfer)

  • Preconditions

    • Business account in CHF with e-finance access and sole signatory rights  
    • Activation of Western Union in e-finance under the “Offers” menu item. After 24 hours, Western Union will be available under the “Transfer” menu item.      
    • For Mobile Money Transfer, the  recipient must be registered for a mobile wallet service with their mobile provider

    Here’s how it works

    • Make a transfer with Western Union in e-finance
    • The amount and transaction fee are debited directly from the business account
    • The beneficiary is notified by the sender and receives the money at the The link will open in a new window Western Union agency free of charge on presentation of their ID       

    Due to certain transaction conditions (e.g. amount, country of destination, availability of currencies, legal requirements, proof of legitimacy, opening hours of the branches, different time zones), withdrawals can be delayed or services may be unavailable.

    Info hotline

    For questions concerning Western Union, please get in touch with +41 58 667 97 65.

  • Transfer with Western Union in e-finance

    Transfer amount from CHF 0 to CHF 300

    CHF 12

    Transfer amount from CHF 300.01 to CHF 7,000

    4.2% of the transfer amount

    Message up to 10 words (optional)
    CHF 3

    Message from 11 words (optional)

    Each additional word CHF 0.50

    The maximum amount that can be sent or paid out is USD 7,500 or the equivalent. The maximum amount applies per person, per transaction and per day (depending on the country).

    Money transfer to a mobile phone number abroad

    Transfer amount from CHF 0.01 to CHF 125
    CHF 5
    Transfer amount from CHF 125.01 to CHF 500
    4% of the transfer amount

    The maximum amount of CHF 500 that can be sent or paid out depends on the country. This maximum amount applies per person, per transaction and per day.

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