Spot foreign currency transaction

Immediate sale or purchase

Hedge against currency risks with the spot foreign currency transaction and use price fluctuations to your own advantage. You benefit from free foreign currency purchase and sale.

Spot foreign currency transaction: free foreign currency purchase and sale

  • Foreign exchange transactions in 9 foreign currencies

  • Purchase/sale against CHF or another currency

  • 2 working days for credit and debit

  • Ideal instrument for payment transactions in foreign currencies

  • Amounts between CHF 5,000 and CHF 50,000 directly in e-finance at the real-time rate

  • Preconditions

    PostFinance accounts in the relevant currencies are required for foreign exchange transactions. The accounts must be in the same name.


    • For the purchase/sale of foreign currency, the foreign currency amount is debited/credited to the PostFinance account in the foreign currency
    • If the purchase/sale is in CHF, the amount is debited/credited to the PostFinance account in CHF
    • Conclusion of the transaction is documented with a trade confirmation and a credit/debit notification for the relevant accounts
  • Prices

    Spot foreign currency transactions are free of charge.

    Tradable currencies

    CHF Swiss franc
    AUD Australian dollar
    CAD Canadian dollar
    DKK Danish krone
    EUR Euro
    GBP British pound
    JPY Japanese yen
    NOK Norwegian krone
    SEK Swedish krona
    USD United States dollar