Mobile Money Transfer

Cash transfer in seconds

With Mobile Money Transfer you can transfer cash in seconds to mobile numbers online in e-finance. Cash transfer is available in 12 selected countries.

Mobile Money Transfer: secure and fast

  • Secure cash transfer to a mobile number

  • Credited to the recipient within seconds

  • Transfer up to CHF 500 per day

  • The amount can be paid out in cash depending on the recipient’s mobile phone service provider

  • Available in: Albania, Armenia, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka

  • Preconditions

    • Business account in CHF with e-finance access and sole signatory rights 
    • Activation of Western Union in e-finance under “Offers” menu item. After 24 hours, Western Union will be available under the “Transfer” menu item.
    • Recipient is registered for a mobile wallet service with their mobile provider

    Here’s how it works

    • Carry out a “Mobile Money Transfer” in e-finance
    • The amount and transaction fee are directly debited from the business account
    • The displayed amount is credited to the recipient
    • The sender receives an SMS once the amount has been credited to the recipient

    Info hotline

    For questions on Mobile Money Transfer, please call +41 58 667 97 65.

  • Credit transfer with Mobile Money Transfer

    Transfer amount from CHF 0 to CHF 125 CHF 5
    Transfer amount from CHF 125 to CHF 500 4% of the transfer amount

    The maximum amount that can be sent or paid out of CHF 500 is country-dependent. This maximum amount applies per person, per transaction and per day.

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