Receivables Finance Tradeplus24

Innovative accounts receivable financing for SMEs

Receivables Finance Tradeplus24 enables you to take advantage of your customers’ credit standing and to obtain liquidity easily. Your company assigns the accounts receivable to Tradeplus24 on a weekly basis via an automated process and receives the liquidity required through a line of credit.

Receivables Finance Tradeplus24: flexible and easy liquidity

  • Flexible generation of additional liquidity from your accounts receivable

  • Solution possible from a financing volume of CHF 100,000

  • Attractive financing conditions using the good credit standing of your debtors and PostFinance

  • Undisclosed assignment of the receivables without the debtors’ knowledge

  • Simple processing with an automated online solution, which reduces workload in day-to-day operations

  • Inclusion of existing credit insurance policies possible

    • You send the data electronically on the outstanding accounts receivable once a week, thereby assigning them.
    • The payment requested is transferred to your existing bank account and interest is charged monthly.
    • The credit limit available is adjusted based on the accounts receivable transferred. You can change the credit amount or request full repayment at any time.
    • You retain complete control of dunning and accounts receivable management.
    • The provider, contact and operator of the solution is Tradeplus24 AG.
  • Receivables Finance Tradeplus24 offers attractive interest rates from 3.5% p.a. plus any hedging costs. These depend on the credit standing of your debtors and other factors.

    Key requirement

    The accounts receivable:

    • are based on a completed underlying transaction
    • occur regularly
    • are freely transferable
    • have not already been assigned
    • can be insured for the required amount
    • and amount to a financing volume of at least CHF 100,000 (equivalent to revenue of around CHF 1.5 million p.a. or outstanding receivables of around CHF 150,000 to 180,000)
  • Assumptions

    • Revenue CHF 3.5 million p.a.
    • Average payment term 60 days


    • CHF 0.4 million in additional liquidity
    • costs of CHF 16,000 at 4% interest