COVID-19 bridging loans

PostFinance is participating in the Federal Council’s assistance programme and will provide its business customers with quick and uncomplicated loans of up to CHF 500,000, subject to certain conditions.

In light of the current situation, companies now require quick and uncomplicated support. Working closely with the Confederation, we are able to provide our business customers with bridging loans if they find themselves facing liquidity and financing problems due to the current crisis through no fault of their own. By doing so, we aim to support companies at this challenging time.

To all SMEs based in Switzerland with a turnover of max. CHF 500 million, which maintained a customer relationship with PostFinance before March 26, 2020

How can PostFinance business customers apply for a bridging loan?

  1. Complete the COVID-19 loan agreement < CHF 500,000 on
  2. Print out this loan agreement. 
  3. Sign the document. Please note that the signature must be provided in accordance with the signing rights (powers of attorney for an account) at PostFinance. Please also note the type of signing rights (individual signing right or collective signing right).
  4. Scan the loan agreement document.
  5. Send the loan agreement application (scanned copy via e-mail) to The link will open in a new window
  6. We offer the COVID-19 loan as current account credit (“overdraft limit”) on one of your PostFinance business accounts. You can overdraw on the relevant account by this amount at any time and at an interest rate of 0%.
  7. As soon as your loan application has been approved and the overdraft limit has been set, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


Due to the very high number of applications being received, longer response times are currently to be expected.

  • How are the COVID-19 loans from PostFinance organized?

    • The loan will be provided as current account credit to a PostFinance business account in CHF
    • The interest rate is 0.0% net p.a.
    • The maximum amount is 10% of the applicant’s revenue up to a limit of CHF 500,000
    • The loans provided must be repaid in full within five years (they can be extended by a maximum of two years on a one-off basis in cases of hardship)

    Which requirements do PostFinance business customers have to meet to apply for a COVID-19 loan?

    • If your company is an SME (sole proprietorship, partnership, legal entity) that does not have sufficient liquidity for its current costs – despite partial unemployment benefit – after being ordered to shut down business by the Federal Council and due to a fall in demand.
    • If the company was founded prior to 1 March 2020
    • If the company is not involved in bankruptcy and composition proceedings

    When are COVID-19 loans not available?

    • For customers that have already received liquidity support from the Confederation in the fields of sport and culture
    • For investments in fixed assets
    • To pay out dividends and to repay capital contributions
    • To repay private/shareholder loans
    • If the company’s revenues exceed CHF 500 million.
  • By indicating your telephone number and/or e-mail address, you expressly consent to being contacted by PostFinance by telephone and/or via unsecured e-mail. Please note that the use of e-mail entails significant risks, such as a lack of confidentiality, possible manipulation of the content or sender, false recipients and viruses, etc. PostFinance declines any liability for damages related to the use of e-mail. For this reason, PostFinance recommends not sending sensitive information via e-mail, not sending received text when responding and re-entering the e-mail address manually.

Do you have any questions on COVID-19 bridging loans?

We would be pleased to advise you by telephone on 058 386 18 05 (Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.).