Construction guarantee

Protect against risks

We will take on your risks. Insure yourself against any potential claims from customers with the construction guarantee.

Construction guarantee: improved liquidity and flexibility

  • Allows a works or purchase contract to be concluded

  • Improved liquidity and flexibility without or with a lower bank loan

  • Online portal for the registration, issue and management of guarantee certificates

  • Good value for money

  • Competent damages services from AXA in cases of damages

  • PostFinance offers construction guarantees in partnership with AXA Insurance Ltd. AXA’s guarantee certificate offers the guarantee recipient (owner or purchaser) security within the agreed amount and timeframe if the insurance policy holder is in arrears with the contractually agreed services or if he does not perform these services in accordance with the agreement.

  • Bid bond and tender guarantee
    Securing the provider’s responsibilities as per quotation
    Performance guarantee

    Securing the services agreed upon in the contract

    Advance payment guarantee
    Securing the advance payment paid by the client in case the services are not carried out in accordance with the contract
    Works or defect warranty
    Ensuring that hidden defects are rectified during the guarantee period


    Premiums are calculated on an individual basis according to the type of guarantee and the amount.