PostFinance App

Keep your finances under control – anytime and anywhere

Make your financial transactions mobile: manage your money with your smartphone when and where you want with the PostFinance App. You benefit from practical functions such as the PostFinance Mobile fast service, useful tools, up-to-date information and direct access to e-finance. This means you can always keep your finances under control conveniently and securely, even while on the go.

PostFinance App: for smartphone and tablet

  • View balance and account movements

  • Scan and pay your invoices quickly and conveniently with Scan + Pay

  • Access e-finance

  • View up-to-date information, contacts and helpful tools such as currency calculators or location search

  • Transfer money to mobile phone numbers or buy credit for your mobile phone, iTunes, paysafecard etc.

  • For smartphone (iPhone and Android) with a Swiss SIM card

  • You can use these services in the PostFinance App at all times and without logging in.

    View your account balance and transactions

    • Overview of your accounts including account balance
    • With just a single click, you can view the most recent transactions on your account

    Scan inpayments

    • You can scan inpayment slips using your camera and approve the payment immediately or at a later point in e-finance

    Transfer money to mobile numbers

    • The recipient receives the amount within minutes provided they have also registered for the fast service
    • Unregistered recipients receive a request to send their IBAN to PostFinance
    • Maximum amounts per day: CHF 500, EUR 500 or USD 500

    Top up prepaid credit

    • For Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, yallo, M-Budget Mobile and MTV mobile customers
    • Top-up amounts from CHF 10 to CHF 400

    Purchase electronic credit or give it as a gift

    • iTunes, Spotify, Paysafecard and Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation
    • Receive redemption codes directly in the app


    A standard limit of CHF 250 or EUR 250 per month applies. This can be increased to a maximum of CHF 5,000, EUR 5,000.

    Requirements and login

    The requirement for the PostFinance Mobile fast service via app is a private or business account in CHF or EUR with sole signatory rights and a smartphone (iPhone or Android) with a Swiss SIM card. Register once in the PostFinance App. To do so, you need a PostFinance Card and a card reader. For all further access, you can use the password you have defined yourself, fingerprint or Face ID (only for iOS devices from iPhone X onwards).

  • Functions

    You can access e-finance via the app. Using Scan + Pay, you can pay scanned inpayment slips simply and conveniently, without manually recording invoice data.

    Requirements and login

    The requirement for mobile e-finance access is a private or business account in CHF, EUR or USD with electronic account management in e-finance. E-finance can be accessed via the app with the standard login, i.e. PostFinance Card and card reader or Mobile ID.

  • When using a smartphone, benefit from the fast service with additional functions. 

    • Currency converter to convert CHF, EUR and USD currencies at banknote or foreign exchange rates
    • Search for locations of Postomats, post offices and PostFinance branches 
    • View news on PostFinance, current offers and topics
    • Contact information for general questions and card blocking
    • Stock market information: prices, financial and economic news, watchlist for personally defined securities
    • For Android smartphones: one-off activation of the digital PostFinance Card for paying by smartphone at the checkout.
  • Accessing your finances via app is particularly secure thanks to extended security functions. A multi-level security system with a high degree of encryption protects your data from unauthorized access.

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