PostFinance Checkout Flex

The flexible payment solution for your online shop and in-store payments

PostFinance Checkout Flex gives you a flexible and highly functional Payment Service Providing solution for your online shop which can also be supplemented with a payment terminal for in-store sales. Payment methods, functions and terminals can be configured according to your needs.

PostFinance Checkout Flex: the benefits of your omnichannel solution

  • Online onboarding and contract request to the acceptance partners of your choice

  • A single back office tool for managing sales both online and in store

  • Free test phase including payment simulators and plug-ins for your online shop

  • Digital end-of-day settlements and sales documents for in-store sales

  • Attractive pricing model

  • Set up the free test environment for the online shop

    1. Register on PostFinance Checkout for the test version.
    2. Set up the test version in the back office tool in just a few steps, select the desired payment methods and the corresponding acceptance partners.
    3. Download the plug-in for your online shop for free.
    4. Connect your online shop with a suitable plug-in according to the supplied instructions or connect it to Checkout Flex with our REST Web Services or SDK (software development kit).
    5. Test all payments “end-to-end” in your online shop in simulation mode for 30 days

    Order terminal and set up Checkout Flex omnichannel

    1. Order your terminal in our shop and when you have received it, follow the instructions accessed using the QR code on the package insert flyer.
    2. Connect the terminal to your existing PostFinance Checkout account or set up a new account.
    3. Use the setup assistant to configure and set up your terminal and, if required, integrate the Payment Service Providing module in your web shop.

    Online contract conclusion and communication of the request to the acceptance partners

    The “Payment Service Providing and Terminal” contract for PostFinance Checkout Flex can be completed online in a few minutes. After our check, PostFinance Checkout Flex will be activated within ten working days.

    To activate the individual payment methods, you need a separate contract with the respective acceptance partner for each payment method. In-store sales require one contract per location and payment method. PostFinance automatically arranges the contract request for you online in Checkout Flex onboarding. The amount of time it takes to activate the payment method depends on the respective acceptance partner and cannot be influenced by PostFinance.

    NB: Currently, the conclusion of contracts with Worldline and Concardis may take up to several more weeks.

    Supported acceptance partners and payment methods for your online shop

    • PostFinance (PostFinance Card and PostFinance e-finance)
    • Worldline (Visa, Mastercard, TWINT)
    • Swisscard (Amex)
    • Concardis (Visa, Mastercard)
    • PayPal (Visa, Mastercard)
    • MF Group PowerPay (invoice)
    • TWINT
    • More upon request

    Supported acceptance partners and payment methods for your terminal

    • PostFinance (PostFinance Card and PostFinance e-finance)
    • Worldline (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, TWINT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)
    • Concardis (Visa, Mastercard)
    • Reka, WIRcard and other popular customer cards

    Paying with stored cards in the online shop

    With this feature, as a retailer you have the option of debiting recurring amounts (such as for subscriptions) to the cards previously stored by the shopper.

    Payment link and charge flow for automation of your online shop

    • The payment link makes it very easy for you to handle transactions: you send buyers a payment link via e-mail. Buyers then use the payment link to settle the outstanding amount with one of the payment methods linked in the online shop.
    • You can use the charge flow feature to automate processes for debits via e-mail.

    Personalizing e-mails and documents

    In the Checkout back office tool, you can personalize e-mails to the buyers (such as payment status) or documents (such as payment confirmations or credits). You can also configure your terminals in the Checkout back office tool and adapt the functions to your needs.


    The sales reports (reconciliations) from the various acceptance partners are displayed in consolidated form in the Checkout back office tool. You can export them via CSV and import them into your accounting software. PostFinance Checkout Flex currently only supports distance selling reconciliations.

    Fraud management

    • Fraud checking for the card issuer BIN (Bank Identification Number), country, address and IP address.
    • Blocking cards in selected countries.
    • Filtering card categories where the filter is applied to the first six digits of the card that identify the issuer (based on the BIN range) and the card category.
    • Filtering by card type controls whether filtering of the card type derived from the BIN range is active.

    Keep an overview

    All transactions can be managed directly in the shop system. The Checkout back office tool allows you to inspect the details of payment transactions of your online shop or in-store sales made via your terminals. The sales documents and end-of-day settlements for the terminal are archived online automatically.

    Furthermore, you can manage your users and their settings independently at any time and you have the option to authorize a partner (an agency, for example) to implement technical configurations.

    Advanced users can also customize the automatically preconfigured services in the Checkout back office tool and, if required, set up another online shop (space) without incurring additional costs.

    You can activate or deactivate the payment terminal at any time in the Checkout back office tool or adjust its location.


    Our technical support is available if you have any questions about PostFinance Checkout.

  • To settle the PostFinance Checkout Flex setup costs and monthly subscription fees, you enter a PostFinance business account or a credit card.

  • PostFinance plug-ins

    PostFinance Checkout offers plug-ins for the standard shop systems in Swiss e-commerce:

    • Magento 2
    • Magento 1
    • OpenCart
    • OXID
    • Prestashop
    • Shopware
    • WooCommerce

    Connected services − connecting PostFinance Checkout to SaaS shop systems

    If you use a shop system as an SaaS (software as a service) solution, you can connect PostFinance Checkout directly using the integrated connected services. PostFinance Checkout currently supports the following connections:

    Supported plug-ins from third-party providers

    The range of plug-ins and connected services is continually being expanded.

    Supported checkout systems

    You can connect the payment terminal to your checkout system as follows:

    • Via cloud API (documentation)
    • Via local API (upon request)
    • Via Pepper
  • Try it out free of charge

    Test PostFinance Checkout, including payment simulation and plug-in, free of charge and with no obligation.

    Software for PostFinance Checkout Flex

    • Set-up fee including plug-in: one-off payment of CHF 249, excl. VAT
    • Monthly costs for e-commerce software, updates, two spaces (to set up two online shops) and support: CHF 19.90 per month, excl. VAT
    • Each additional space costs CHF 6.90 per month, excl. VAT
    • Monthly costs for payment terminal software, SIM card, updates and support: CHF 9.90 per month and per terminal
    • Accounting feature: automated processing of reconciliation for PostFinance, Worldline, Concardis, TWINT, PayPal and MF Group is billed at CHF 0.02 per entry

    Ordering terminals

    You can order the latest PAX terminals in our online shop.

    Transaction fees for PostFinance Checkout Flex

    • Costs per transaction in the online shop: CHF 0.18
    • Costs per transaction with payment terminal: CHF 0.03

    Additional details

    • Transactions from the online shop as well as from the terminals are not accumulated
    • Updates to the terminals and the SIM card are already included in the prices

    Fees for payment methods

    These fees are charged directly by the acceptance partner of the respective payment method. Please check the relevant acceptance contract.

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