Payment collection

Sell easily with PostFinance

Make it easier for your customers to pay and collect with the wide range of solutions from PostFinance. Whether it’s card payments in your physical shop or payments in your online shop, we have exactly the right offer for every need.

Cashless collection on site

Easy payment collection: enable your customers to make quick, convenient cashless payments at your points of sale. The EFT/POS (electronic funds transfer at the point of sale) payment terminal allows you to reduce the volumes of cash you handle on your premises, thereby increasing the security of your shop.

The simple payment solution for your online shop and at the point of sale

Are you looking for a payment solution for your online shop or do you already have a solution and want to start accepting the PostFinance Card? However big your company, you can enable your customers to pay in-store and online using the most popular payment methods. PostFinance provides the perfect solution.