PostFinance Benefit

Get more out of your advertising budget

With the online marketing platform PostFinance Benefit, you can increase sales and acquire customers. Carry out campaigns simply and with minimal wastage – with the marketing strategy that best suits you.

The PostFinance Benefit product will no longer be available from 16 August 2021.

  • PostFinance Benefit is suitable for companies with a business-to-consumer business model that operate in industries with a high number of transactions. To use it, you need a business account and an EFT/POS or e-payment contract.

    If one of the following points applies to you, PostFinance Benefit is not suited to your company:

    • An unauthorized industry. This includes: erotica, weapons, health (including pharmacies, drug stores, opticians), lotteries/casinos, insurance, banks, property management, electricity, currency exchange, money transmitters, traders in commodities/art/antiques/securities, retailers who predominantly sell spirits and/or tobacco, political or religious associations
    • Private customers have no affinity for your company’s sector
    • Range is too specific (niche)
    • Number of transactions using PostFinance payment methods too low
    • The online shop and/or logo do not meet PostFinance requirements (e.g. the online shop not available in the language of the target group)
    • No suitable target group for the planned offer
    1. You must determine your desired campaign marketing strategy, define the criteria for the target group with an affinity for the industry (such as market areas, age category, purchase amount) and define the discount amount and the number of customers that can benefit from the discounted offer.
    2. PostFinance will check your campaign and activate the offers in e-finance or the PostFinance App for the private customers of your choice.
    3. The private customer redeems the offer they have reserved in your store or online shop. The customer pays the full purchase amount. The reduction is then debited directly from your account and credited to the private customer’s account the following month.
    4. During and after the campaign, you will receive a comprehensive effectiveness monitoring report, including statistics.

    Marketing strategies

    Decide on one of the following marketing strategies for each campaign :

    • Appeal to all individuals with an affinity for the industry
    • Reward loyal customers
    • Acquire new customers
    • Reactivate customers
    • Increase customer frequency
    • Increase number of sales
  • You pay a fixed amount per customer depending on the marketing strategy applied to the offer in e-finance or the PostFinance App. This means you have complete control over the cost of your campaign.