Travel Cash card

Practical while on the go

The Travel Cash card is the ideal expenses card for trips. Use the reloadable prepaid card to pay worldwide in over 36 million stores, hotels and restaurants and withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs.

The Travel Cash card: practical, secure and can be topped up at any time

  • Free reloadable prepaid card in CHF, EUR or USD

  • Global cash withdrawals at around 2 million ATMs

  • Pay worldwide in more than 36 million stores, restaurants, hotels and online shops

  • Make contactless payments

  • It is quick and free of charge to replace the card, including its remaining balance if lost or stolen

  • No daily or monthly limits

  • Precondition

    In order to use the Travel Cash card, you need a business account in CHF, EUR or USD or a savings account in CHF or EUR. For accounts in EUR or USD you can only order and top up Travel Cash cards in the respective currency.

    Delivery terms

    Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd deliver the card and PIN code. Delivery can be made to private or business addresses within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Companies based abroad can have their mail redirected to a post office of their choice in Switzerland as a poste restante address.

    Please note the following provision regarding the delivery period:

    • Orders received by 1 p.m. on working days are usually delivered on the next working day
    • Orders received after 1 p.m. on working days are delivered within two working days
  • Topping up your card

    You can top up your Travel Cash card in e-finance, over the phone, at any PostFinance branch or by using an order form.

    Managing your card

    You can check current top-up amounts, the latest card transactions and other information about your Travel Cash card at any time on the Swiss Bankers website or with the “My Card” app. 

  • If you lose the card, block it immediately in the “My Card” app or contact Swiss Bankers by telephone on +41 31 710 12 15.

    Replacement cards generally take two working days to arrive. Outside Europe, replacement may take three to four working days.

  • Annual fee

    The Travel Cash card and its replacement cards are free of charge.

    Topping up the card

    When the card is reloaded a commission fee of 1.5% of the top-up amount is charged. Depending on the card’s currency, the minimum top-up amount is CHF 100, EUR 100 or USD 100. The maximum top-up amount is 10,000 in the card’s currency. For the first 365 days, the maximum total top-up amount per card is CHF, EUR or USD 100,000.

    Card usage

    Domestic and international cash withdrawals at ATMs
    CHF/EUR/USD 5 per transaction (depending on the card’s currency)
    Domestic and international purchases
    CHF/EUR/USD 1 per transaction (depending on the card’s currency)

    Replacement card and PIN

    If you lose your Travel Cash card, you will receive a free replacement, including your remaining balance, which can be delivered to any address worldwide .
    If you have forgotten your PIN code, you will be sent a free replacement immediately.

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