Savings account for businesses

Invest surpluses flexibly and securely

The savings account for businesses is the perfect complement to your business account. The investment account allows you to invest surplus cash securely and benefit from flexible withdrawal options.

Savings account for businesses: achieve your savings goals securely

  • Free account management in CHF or EUR, two savings accounts per company

  • Flexible withdrawal options

  • Payments and credit/debit advice in e-finance or on paper

  • Account card in CHF or EUR for cash withdrawals at Postomats or post office counters

  • Annual or quarterly account statement with interest statement

  • To open a savings account for businesses, you need a business account with PostFinance.

  • Account management Free of charge
    Number of withdrawals/payment slips per calendar year
    • Free of charge: 10 withdrawals/payment slips
    • Each additional withdrawal/payment slip: CHF 8
    No withdrawal notice required
    • Up to CHF 150,000 or EUR 100,000 per calendar year
    • Transfers to PostFinance services (exception: withdrawals to the business account)
    Written withdrawal notice required
    • Amounts over CHF 150,000 or EUR 100,000 per calendar year, notice period of 3 months
    • Withdrawal notices are valid 30 days beyond the notice period
    If the notice period is not observed
    • Charge of 1% of the amount exceeding the limit at the end of the year or upon account cancellation

    Current interest rates

    Interest of 0.00% for CHF and EUR

    Account card withdrawal limits

    Withdrawal limits Account card in CHF Account card in EUR
    Withdrawal limitsCash withdrawals per day (limit at Postomats)
    Account card in CHFCHF 1,000 or equivalent amount
    Account card in EUREUR 700 or equivalent amount
    Withdrawal limitsMonthly limit per card
    Account card in CHFCHF 5,000
    Account card in EUREUR 4,000
    Withdrawal limitsMonthly limit per account (only if several cards belong to the same account)
    Account card in CHFCHF 5,000
    Account card in EUREUR 4,000
    Withdrawal limitsWithdrawals at post offices
    Account card in CHFAccount balance in terms of cash holdings
    Account card in EURAccount balance in terms of cash holdings