Customer asset fee

PostFinance charges business customers a monthly fee on assets that exceed a certain threshold. Find out here in detail how this customer asset fee is calculated.

Affected assets

The following assets are affected by the customer asset fee: credit balances on business accounts in CHF.

Calculation and debit of the customer asset fee

The customer asset fee is calculated daily on balances that exceed the threshold. At the end of the month, the customer asset fees charged each day are added together and debited to the customer’s main account on the last day of the following month. To calculate the threshold, we take into account the total revenue from accounts receivable and payable management as well as the volume of international payment transactions and foreign exchange trading.

You have the option of increasing your threshold by maintaining a main banking relationship with PostFinance as a business customer. You can also exert a positive influence on the threshold value by investing part of your assets in funds. Our advisors will be happy to show you the criteria that must be met and the resulting potential savings.  


  • With the new calculation basis, PostFinance is responding to the persistently negative market interest rates.
  • The threshold is defined for each business customer based on their behaviour in relation to payment transactions. The most important factor for calculating the customer asset fee is your total revenue from accounts receivable and payable management, international payment transactions and foreign exchange trading. When calculating the customer asset fee, each customer relationship is considered individually, as the fee is charged separately for each customer relationship.
  • The threshold is reviewed on a regular basis and affected business customers are informed of any changes in good time. 
  • Business and association accounts in CHF
    • Foreign currency accounts
    • Capital payment account
    • Guarantee account