Selling your products or services online, launching donation appeals or collecting membership fees online is very straightforward, and no technical knowledge is required. SmartCommerce enables you to start doing business online right away, ensuring you’re always a step ahead of your competitors.

PostFinance SmartCommerce: an online shop and online invoicing rolled into one

  • Simple shop solution with digital invoicing

  • Integration of all standard payment methods

  • Calculable costs thanks to a fixed commission fee

  • No technical knowledge required

  • One single contact partner: PostFinance

  • 30-day free trial

  • With SmartCommerce, you can easily create an individual sales page for your products and services in just a few clicks. The online shop can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites. Digital invoicing is also simple: you send payment links electronically.

    And you don’t have to take care of the technical and contractual connection for the payment methods. All standard payment methods are already integrated into the software solution.

    A brief overview of the top tools


    SmartCommerce is an all-in-one solution for your online shop: shopping basket, checkout and payment – all on one webpage. The easy-to-use solution means you don’t need any programming knowledge. Selling your products and services online is very straightforward.

    Digital invoicing

    Create secure and individual payment links with your own URL. These links contain all the details required for payment, such as the currency, amount and other user-defined fields.

    All common methods of payment (PostFinance payment types, Visa and Mastercard) are already integrated and have a standard commission rate. You also have the option of activating PayPal. The fixed commission fee does not apply to PayPal.

  • Integrated methods of payment

    You don’t have to enter into any contracts or set up technical connections – all common methods of payment in Switzerland are already integrated.

    Send online invoices

    Send payment links with all the relevant details via e-mail or social media for online payments of membership fees, for example.

    No technical knowledge required

    SmartCommerce is a simple and practical solution. You don’t need any programming knowledge to get off to a successful start.

    No updates required

    The software is always the latest version so you don’t have to carry out any updates. All upgrades and new features are immediately active.

    Sell anything online everywhere

    You can sell products, services, subscriptions, event tickets, vouchers and digital goods, or launch donation appeals – all via SmartCommerce. 

    No website needed

    Thanks to the unique URL ( of the individual payment form or the mini-shop, you don’t need a website but have the option of integrating the page into your existing site.

    Fixed commission fee

    The commission fee is independent of the method of payment selected by the customer. There are no hidden costs for you. 

    Just one contact person

    We provide you with support five days a week and monitor the system around the clock.

  • Fast and easy shopping

    Customers select the products they want, put them in the shopping basket, enter their contact details in the pre-defined fields and make the payment – all on one webpage.

    Your personal design

    You can modify your webshop by creating an individual design and adding your organization’s own logo in a few simple steps in the settings.

    Optimized for search engines

    Thanks to detailed optimization options, your webshop is ideally geared to search engines such as Google. You’ll easily find new customers online.

    User-friendly management

    You can list and sell your products and services and promote your donation campaigns in your webshop in just a few clicks – all in the same place.

    All methods of payment

    You’re able to accept all the main methods of payment, including PostFinance payment types, Mastercard and Visa, enabling you to reach even more customers.

    Selling to mobile users

    The webshop automatically adapts to the terminal, whether it’s a PC, tablet or smartphone. Your customers therefore enjoy an optimal shopping experience.

    Discount vouchers

    Create discount vouchers worth set amounts or offer percentage-based deductions. Your customers simply enter the code on the page to take advantage of the offer.

    E-mail marketing

    Send e-mails to your customers and create a link to your webshop. In this way you can make special offers available to your customers.

    Social media

    Share your individual link on social media to promote your page and special offers.

    Search engine optimization

    Optimize your page for search engines. Enter the page title and a meta-description.

  • Preconditions

    • Companies must be based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein
    • PostFinance business account in CHF (account can also be opened after online registration)
    • Smartphone for the login

    Sectors excluded from SmartCommerce

    • Gambling / betting / auctions
    • Air transport services
    • Money transfer
    • Telecommunications services
    • Tobacco
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Weapons / imitation weapons
    • Adult services
    • Loading of other payment methods

    30-day free trial

    Try out SmartCommerce free of charge and with no obligation for the first 30 days.

    Cost of the full version

    • Monthly subscription fee: CHF 24.50 excl. VAT
    • Fixed commission fee: 2.5% per payment
    • One-time set-up fee: CHF 295 excl. VAT

    The package may be cancelled at the end of each month.

  • Online shop

    Selling your products or services online is very easy. 

    Gift vouchers

    Sell gift vouchers for your business.


    Collect donations online.  

    Ticket sales / workshop registration

    Your customers can purchase tickets online or register for events and pay directly.

    Holiday bookings and hotel reservations

    Your customers can pay deposits on hotel bookings or settle bills directly online. 

    Subscriptions and membership fees

    Your customers or members can choose which method of payment to use for their gym or membership fees. 

    Online counter

    Your customers can order and pay for documents directly online.

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