PostFinance Smartbusiness

Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable easily online

Create your bills and manage your revenue easily online. From making offers and invoicing to controlling open receivables, you can use the PostFinance SmartBusiness online platform to carry out your transactions simply and easily. With the accounts payable option, you can also record your accounts payable invoices, generate payment files to be uploaded into e-finance, and keep control over pending payments.

PostFinance SmartBusiness: for accounts receivable and payable

  • Access anytime, anywhere using the browser-based solution, which is always up to date

  • Cost-effective – test for 30 days, free of charge, no strings attached.

  • Creation of offers, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices by means of integrated customer, product and offer data

  • Overview of outstanding invoices and the option of managing them electronically

  • Seamless integration of e-bill and e-payment, create inpayment slips and ISR and automatically import and compare payments

  • With the option of accounts payable management for easy expense registration, including PDF slips

  • Data hosting in Switzerland

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