QR-bill information

How to switch

From 30 June 2020, the QR-bill is going to make issuing and paying invoices easier. Make the necessary preparations now as the invoice issuer or recipient so you are ready in time. What companies and associations need to know about the QR-bill and the changeover.

What is the QR-bill?

The QR-bill will enable efficient, automated payments, and is being introduced throughout Switzerland. It contains all payment information in the QR code with payment references that can be used universally. The QR-bill is a SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd product, and will replace the red and orange inpayment slip. 

The benefits of the QR-bill at a glance

For invoice issuers

  • Simplified invoice processing because there is less manual work involved
  • Electronic transfer of all payment information
  • Invoicing in Swiss francs and euros
  • Printing on white paper (allowing for perforation)
  • Better overview of accounts receivable

For invoice recipients

  • Simplified invoice processing
  • All payment information integrated into the code
  • Fewer reading errors as there is less manual work involved
  • Quick and easy payments through scanning
  • Invoices can be paid digitally, by payment order or at Swiss Post branches


Well equipped

Perfectly equipped to read QR-bills: the QR reader PayEye (PostFinance edition) verifies Swiss QR codes with clicks and transfers them into the financial software or into e-banking. PayEye functions via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB-C.

Generate QR-bills

In future you will be able to create QR-bills yourself and print them out on white paper. PostFinance will provide you with a QR generator from 30 June 2020.

What you need to do

PostFinance and Swiss Post will be able to process QR-bills from 30 June 2020. However, in order to do so successfully, the invoice issuer will need to have implemented the QR-bill correctly in line with implementation guidelines. As an invoice recipient too you will need to make the necessary arrangements in good time. How to make the switch successfully.

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