PostFinance Checkout

All-in-one e-payment solution for your online shop

PostFinance Checkout represents a complete e-payment solution that can be integrated into your online shop quickly and easily as a module. The package includes the PostFinance Card, PostFinance e-finance and TWINT payment methods, as well as Visa and Mastercard, all from a single source. Setting up payment methods in an online shop has never been easier.

PostFinance Checkout: all-in-one e-payment solution

    • Payment solution with all standard payment methods
    • Easy integration into your online shop with plug-ins
    • A single point of contact for all payment methods: PostFinance
    • Free testing in simulation mode (the plug-in is already available)
    • One online contract signed for software/plug-in and all payment methods
    • Set-up for productive payments completed within 10 working days
  • Set up the free test environment

    1. Register for the test version
    2. Set up the test version in the back office tool in just a few steps
    3. Install the plug-in into your own shop according to the document supplied
    4. Once you have entered the user ID and a security key, all the technical parameters will be configured and synchronized fully automatically within seconds
    5. Test all the payment methods in simulation mode for 30 days

    Accept the contract online for productive payments

    Start the activation process online via click-to-accept in the back office tool and within 10 working days at the latest, you will receive confirmation from PostFinance that all the payment methods have been activated and are ready for real payments. PostFinance takes care of coordination with partners.

    Payment methods integrated into the shop module

    • PostFinance e-finance
    • PostFinance Card
    • TWINT
    • Visa
    • Mastercard

    Keep an overview

    All transactions can be managed directly in the shop system. The back office tool also gives you access to details of the payment transactions, and you can manage users and settings that are tailored to you at all times.

    The back office tool also offers advanced users a range of options for customizing the automatically preconfigured services and, if required, setting up another shop (space) without additional costs.

    Consolidated invoicing

    Each month you receive a comprehensive, consolidated invoice in CSV format by e-mail for all the payment methods listed. The invoice includes all individual orders and is ideal for downstream bookkeeping in your ERP.

    Consolidated credit

    An amount is credited to your account each month for the revenue generated with the PostFinance Checkout payment methods in your online shop. Details of the amount credited can be found on the relevant consolidated invoice.


    Technical support is available if you have any questions about payments (all payment methods) or the use of the PostFinance Checkout back office tool and the installation of plug-ins.

  • Preconditions

    • Companies based in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein
    • Business account in CHF from PostFinance (this can also be opened after registering online)
    • The online payments and invoicing are carried out in CHF 

    Sectors excluded from PostFinance Checkout

    • Gambling, betting, auctions
    • Air transport services
    • Money transfer
    • Telecommunications services
    • Tobacco
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Firearms. Imitation firearms
    • Adult services
    • Loading other payment methods
  • Plug-ins

    PostFinance Checkout offers plug-ins for the standard shop systems in Swiss e-commerce. The range of plug-ins is constantly being expanded.

    SaaS (software as a service) solutions

    If you use an SaaS (software as a service) solution, PostFinance Checkout is offered as a service and there is no need to install it. PostFinance Checkout currently supports the following connections (more are being planned):

  • Try it out free of charge

    Test PostFinance Checkout, including payment simulation, free of charge and with no obligation.

    PostFinance Checkout software

    • Software including plug-in: one-off payment of CHF 249, excl. VAT
    • Software licence for permanent updates: CHF 15 per month, excl. VAT

    Commission fee

    • 2.9% per payment for revenue of up to CHF 9,999 per month
    • 2.6% per payment for revenue from CHF 10,000 per month
    • 2.3% per payment for revenue from CHF 20,000 per month

    Prices include all PSP and acquiring costs. No additional contracts are required and no additional costs are incurred.


    The service can be cancelled subject to one month’s notice.

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