PostFinance Mobile Payment

Payment via mobile

Your customers can pay for products and services with their mobile phone (SMS or phone call) with PostFinance Mobile Payment.

PostFinance Mobile Payment: fast and mobile

  • Alternative payment collection procedure

  • This can be used in a number of ways: at the point of sale or terminal, to load credit, for ticketing, donations, etc.

  • Quick, guaranteed credit to your business account

  • One-off registration

  • Preconditions

    • Business account
    • Collaboration with a technical partner
    • Your customers must be registered for the PostFinance Mobile fast service to make mobile payments

    Technical partners

    Name Telephone Website
    NameErgonomics AG
    Telephone+41 58 311 10 00
    WebsiteThe link will open in a new window
    NameiAge GmbH
    Telephone+41 43 844 61 68
    NameICT Vision
    Telephone+41 31 544 64 97
    NameMNC Mobile News Channel AG

    Zurich branch:
    +41 44 465 35 43

    Lausanne branch:
    +41 21 317 50 20
    NameMOBILEtechnics AG
    Telephone+41 32 328 20 00
    Namee24 AG
    Telephone+41 58 311 10 31
    Namegetunik AG
    Telephone+41 44 388 55 88
    Namexsmart AG
    Telephone+41 44 956 51 22
    Namesmarcom AG
    Telephone+41 31 721 22 22
    WebsiteThe link will open in a new window
    1. The customer purchases your service via SMS (keyword to speed-dial number) or by calling a telephone number
    2. The technical partner authorizes the payment via PostFinance. If the customer’s postal account has sufficient funds, the purchase amount is reserved on the account
    3. The technical partner sends you the order
    4. The purchase amount is transferred from your customer’s postal account to your business account
    5. You deliver the product or service ordered to the customer
    • Sales fee for each payment made: Prices available on request
    • Costs for the technical partner’s services may vary and are billed to you directly by the technical partner

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