Invoicing products at a glance

Whether electronically with e-bill or via inpayment slip: PostFinance offers you maximum flexibility for your invoicing requirements.

Invoicing Red inpayment slip (IS) Invoicing Orange inpayment slip (ISR) Invoicing CH-DD Direct Debit Invoicing E-bill

Plain and pre-printed inpayment slips available

Print out customized invoices with inpayment slips in one work cycle

No need to send invoices and reminders

Send invoices electronically to private and business customers with no printing and shipping costs

Manual entry or automated entry with IS full recording

Reference number: all data relevant to bookkeeping or marketing in one code

Direct debit from debtor’s account

Higher delivery rate as there is no change of address and quicker payment receipt

Credit overview in electronic format or on paper

Automated payment entry booking in your debtor software

Debit and credit on due date

Direct delivery of e-bills from your software

Free delivery with electronic credit advice

Credit overview: periodic free data delivery, for example in e-finance or via file transfer

Data transfer including in e-finance

Unchanged credit processes

For invoice amounts in CHF and EUR

For invoice amounts in CHF and EUR

For invoice amounts in CHF or EUR

For invoice amounts in CHF and EUR