Red inpayment slip (IS)

Easy and efficient invoicing

With the red inpayment slip (IS) you can issue your invoices appropriately, collect payments efficiently and manage your accounts receivable easily.

The QR-bill is replacing the existing inpayment slips after the transition phase. The transition phase ends on 30 September 2022. From 1 October 2022, only QR-bills may be used.

Red inpayment slip (IS): efficient payment collection

  • Credit overview in electronic format or on paper

  • Free delivery with electronic credit advice

  • In CHF or EUR

  • Plain and pre-printed formats available

  • Automated entry with IS full recording

  • To order red inpayment slips (IS), you need a PostFinance business account.

  • Up to 1,000 slips, pre-printed/plain

    Free of charge for orders per calendar year

    From 1,000 slips, pre-printed

    CHF 0.10 per slip, maximum 2,000 copies per calendar year

    From 1,000 slips, plain
    CHF 0.02 per slip, maximum 2,000 copies per calendar year

    Data delivery

    Activation typeElectronicallyOn paper
    Activation type
    Free of charge
    On paper
    Not available
    Activation type
    Account statement (e.g. PDF)
    Free of charge
    On paper

    Depending on notification cycle


    For the payer, online and counter inpayments are free of charge.

    For the recipient, online payments are free of charge, the costs for counter inpayments can be found in the price list.

    Value dates

    Value dates
    Electronic and paper-based account transactions
    T + 0
    Counter payments
    T + 1

    IS full recording

    • IS credits from post offices and payment orders (PO) are fully recorded and notified electronically. This allows you to process credits automatically in your accounting system.
    • Full recording of IS slip images by PostFinance is recommended if you receive regular credits from IS slip images (guideline approx. 10 IS slip images per day) and if the processing of the IS slip images is automated (Delivery with camt messages and/or SWIFT MT 940).
    • IS full recording costs CHF 0.80 (for each fully recorded transaction from counter inpayments and paper payment orders).