The new eInvoicing portal for business customers

Whether as an invoice issuer or B2B invoice recipient: as of 3 May 2021, business customers will benefit from enhanced features for processing e-bills thanks to PostFinance’s new, state-of-the-art eInvoicing portal. With this portal, PostFinance is supporting companies as a strong partner in the digitization of their business processes, enabling them to send and deliver e-bills with ease and connecting them with various invoice issuers and recipients.

  • The new eInvoicing portal is customer-friendly and offers a range of digitized features the user can set and configure themselves. One of these features is online registration and online generation of the login, which replaces the paper registration process. Thanks to the newly set up self-service features, it is now possible to manage users and to configure administrative settings independently.
  • Users benefit from improved transaction monitoring, which allows them to search for transactions in the portal itself based on different criteria, and to filter and analyse them.
  • The eInvoicing portal provides new features for eBill and QR-bill. These allow you to identify new e-bill recipients or B2B recipients and to upload PDFs with a QR code, which can then be processed as e-bills.
  • The new eInvoicing portal replaces the existing business interface. The process of migrating to the new portal is made as simple as possible for existing customers: the user can register themselves, and they are then migrated automatically to the new portal.

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