PostFinance is taking over the e-invoicing business of SIX Paynet Ltd

SIX Paynet Ltd (Paynet) is one of the leading e-invoicing providers in Switzerland and also acts as a network partner of eBill. In this role, Paynet promotes the digitization of invoicing for Swiss SMEs and major corporations in a sustainable manner.

The use of eBill has developed strongly over recent years. Two million registered users had been recorded by early 2021. This positive development is one of the main reasons why PostFinance decided to acquire SIX Paynet AG’s e-invoicing business. By taking over Paynet-SIX’s customers, PostFinance is highlighting the importance of e-invoicing as one of its most relevant strategic business areas in the field of payment transactions.

PostFinance will offer the existing customer base a professional, comprehensive service and give Paynet sales staff the possibility to continue supporting their customers. This will guarantee continuity and stability for both customers and staff, even after the sale. In its double role as a financial institution and provider of e-bills, PostFinance offers unique two-tailed customer access and hence everything from a single source.

The current SIX platform will remain in operation until the transfer to the PostFinance system. This means that no technical modifications need to be made by customers at present.