Newsletter for invoice issuers and recipients

Our newsletter, “News from PostFinance on electronic invoicing and eBill”, keeps you as an invoice issuer or recipient of digital bills always up to date. We bring you the latest news with a new issue twice per year.

  • Publication date: May 2022


    • Market figures: eBills and electronic invoices gain momentum
    • Best practices: attract more eBill users as an invoice issuer
    • Look-Up function: your software partner will help you with implementation
    • Digitization: consistently digital with QR-bill and eBill
    • Registration forms: it’s time to switch to the harmonized forms
    • E-finance: simplified opt-in and registration for eBill
    • eDirectory: search and find invoice issuers and recipients with ease
    • Outlook: what we’re working on
    • Information: SAP to end development of SAP EDX Connector
    • E-invoicing fact check: why PostFinance is your ideal partner
  • Publication date: October 2021


    • eBill success story: features for the future
    • Two new registration methods for eBill: how they work and how to use them
    • Standardized eBill registration forms
    • Web services: to the instructions
    • eInvoicing portal: how the new platform will benefit you
    • How a QR-bill becomes an e-bill
    • What you can expect from our one-channel offering in future
    • Why PostFinance is the right e-billing partner for you