How a QR-bill becomes an e-bill

The QR-bill will be replacing the red and orange inpayment slips for good on 30 September 2022. But is there any way you can send the new QR-bill via eBill? The answer lies in the “alternative eBill payment process” This allows you to fill in additional fields in the QR-bill so that you can upload the PDF invoice to the eInvoicing portal with the QR code, which you can then send as an e-bill to the debtor. The invoice issuer sends their invoice data as a QR-bill in the PDF within the eInvoicing portal (also possible via web services or the SFTP), and the QR-bill is automatically converted into an e-bill and forwarded electronically to the recipient. 

If you’ve not yet switched to QR-bill as a business customer, it is well worth giving eBill/e-billing some serious thought. If you have any other questions, please contact your advisor. They will be happy to help you.