Accounts Receivable Contingency Insurance

Safeguard against the risk of payment defaults

Protect yourself against the financial consequences if your customers are unable to pay with Accounts Receivable Contingency Insurance. It is so easy to reduce the accounts receivable risk to a minimum.

Accounts Receivable Contingency Insurance: protection against financial losses

  • Protect against your customers’ payment defaults

  • Improved security thanks to creditworthiness check

  • Guaranteed indemnity period of up to a maximum of three months after notification of claim

  • Online portal to set one-off or recurring limits

  • In collaboration with AXA Winterthur

  • You can insure invoices of up to CHF 100,000 for your business customers and up to CHF 25,000 for private customers

    • After signing the contract, you will receive access data to the Accounts Receivable Contingency Insurance portal
    • You can easily set up one-off or recurring limits for one of your debtors on the portal
    • The system shows whether the full amount, a partial amount or no amount (due to a lack of credit) can be secured for this customer
    • The insurance premium is only applied once a limit has been reached
    • You have one year of insurance coverage, so all invoices issued to this debtor are insured up to the limit during this period
    • If a customer allows a reminder period to elapse, report the unpaid amount receivable as a claim and AXA will take over payment collection
    • AXA represents your interests until the procedure has been concluded (collection, monitoring)
    • In cases where your customer has proven or presumed inability to provide payment, you will receive 80% compensation for the insured claims

    Invoicing example

    Total of the open invoice CHF 22,000
    Insured accounts receivable limit CHF 20,000
    ./. 20% excess CHF 4,000.–
    ./. Payment collection flat fee CHF 100
    Compensation paid out through Accounts Receivable Contingency Insurance CHF 15,900


    • Accounts Receivable Contingency Insurance is available in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein (other countries are continuously being added to the list)
    • The insurance limit must be decided upon before delivery and invoicing
    • Insurance cover is not possible in certain sectors or companies where no economic information is available
  • Police: one-off CHF 50 charge

    Insurance limit:

    • the price depends on the customer’s domicile, limit amounts and the term of the insurance limits
    • The price is usually between 0.5% and 2.5% plus 5% stamp duty on the insurance premium