Standing order

For regular payments

With the standing order, recurring payments with fixed amounts, such as rent or lease instalments, as well as transfers to other accounts are paid automatically. Suitable for credit transfers within Switzerland and abroad.

Standing order: convenient and free of charge

  • Recurring payments only need to be entered once

  • You choose the execution date and frequency

  • The order can be changed or revoked at any time

  • Suitable for worldwide credit transfers

  • Amount is debited directly from your account

  • Manage your order conveniently in e-finance

  • Enter the standing order:

    • Convenient in e-finance as a standing order
    • In writing using a form

    PostFinance makes the payments on the specified date.

  • The standing order payment type is free of charge.

    Value dates

    Category Value dates Transactions affected
    CategoryPriority payment transactions
    Value dates0 Transactions affected
    • All electronic account transfers excluding transactions with orange inpayment slips (ISR)
    CategoryHigh volume payment transactions
    Value dates1 Transactions affected
    • All transactions with orange inpayment slips (ISR) excluding counter payments
    • All paper-based bank transfers with inpayment slips excluding counter payments
    CategoryCounter payments
    Value dates2 Transactions affected
    • All inpayment slips used at the counter: red inpayment slips (IS) and orange inpayment slips (ISR)

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