Electronic payment order

Efficient payment processing

With the electronic payment order (EPO), you can process your payments in Switzerland and abroad and your salary payments easily and securely in your own payment or financial accounting software, while maintaining a complete overview of your accounts payable.

Electronic payment order (EPO): for credit transfers in Switzerland and abroad

  • Prepare and enter payment orders directly in your payment or financial accounting software

  • Electronic data transmission via e-finance or file transfer

  • Delivery as EPO XML (ISO 20022 standard with pain.001)

  • Orders may be cancelled or changed up to the evening before the due date

  • Free credit transfers between accounts in Switzerland

  • Free electronic order notification (ISO 20022 or PDF)

    • Business account
    • EPO agreement or registration for e-finance
    • Financial accounting or payment software with integrated EPO interface
    1. Enter accounts payable and salary payments on your PC
    2. Determine due date
    3. Send file to PostFinance
    4. PostFinance executes the payments promptly

    Credit transfers

    In Switzerland
    • Payments with red inpayment slips (IS) to a PostFinance account
    • Domestic clearing payments
    • Orange inpayment slips (ISR)
    • Giro international (PGI/BGI)
    • Cash international (PCA)

    Processing and booking rules

    On the due date:

    • The EPO is charged to the customer
    • Credit transfers are credited to a PostFinance account
    • Credit transfers to a bank account are processed at the bank’s data center
    • Orange inpayment slips (ISR) with a reference number are processed and credited on the next Swiss Post working day
    • Payments for other countries are forwarded to the destination country
  • Data delivery (notification)

    Service E-finance or file transfer (ISO20022 or PDF) On paper
    ServiceAccount statement with batch or individual debit for each order E-finance or file transfer (ISO20022 or PDF)Free of charge
    On paperFree of charge
    ServiceOrder/execution confirmation (optional with “Transactions with price” annex) E-finance or file transfer (ISO20022 or PDF)Free of charge
    On paperCHF 1 (per document)
    ServiceIndividual confirmation (optional) E-finance or file transfer (ISO20022 or PDF)Free of charge
    On paper
    • CHF 1 (1st to 10th transaction)
    • 11th and subsequent transaction CHF 0.10 (per additional transaction)
    ServiceProcessing message (mandatory) E-finance or file transfer (ISO20022 or PDF)Free of charge
    On paperFree of charge

    Value dates

    (The value date indicates the number of working days between the debit and credit)

    All paper-based bank transfers with inpayment slips: 1 value date.

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