Order e-bill for invoice recipients

Registration for the integrated e-bill solution for invoice recipients

With the e-bill service, you can receive invoices electronically, regardless of from where and how your suppliers send these e-bills. In the eInvoicing portal, you can manage your data and make your own settings.

You can register directly on the eInvoicing portal or in writing with the The link will open in a new window completed PDF form.

Activate the option to receive e-bills in e-finance (eBill)

You can activate eBill in order to receive e-bills in e-finance. These invoices are processed and paid directly in e-finance.

  • Log into e-finance > Settings > Services > Activate eBill
  • A one-time registration for the eBill platform is necessary. You will be guided through this process
  • Next, register with the invoice issuers directly on the eBill platform
  • Decide when you want to pay your invoices and which account you wish to use