Software partners

Important information at a glance

As software partners, you play a key role in implementing the new payment transaction processes. You reach a large number of PostFinance customers with your ISO 20022-compatible software products and have therefore established the basis for successful customer migration. Please note our recommendations for you as a software partner.

Create added value for customers

A range of different business processes and in some cases different software modules and/or products are affected by the switch to ISO 20022. Companies often use the implementation of ISO 20022 as an opportunity to validate their process and system landscape and to investigate the use of additional service packages. It is the ideal time to carry out further optimizations to payment transactions and to create added value. Enhanced process controls are an important aspect of the new payment transaction processes. These controls also support the requirements of the internal control system (ICS). They can be carried out easily at the same time as the processing and notification procedures.

  • Recommendations for further action

    PostFinance recommends adopting a step-by-step approach to the implementation of ISO 20022 requirements in your software products:

    Phase 1: Basis workshop

    Analyse the impact on your products. Establish which payment transaction functions are affected by the changeover and how.

    Phase 2: Impact analysis

    Evaluate which message and notification types your customers currently work with and assess the requirements and potential of additional service packages.

    Phase 3: Implementation of ISO 20022

    Integrate the ISO 20022 specifications into your product development (release planning). Determine which modifications need to be carried out for which customers in which software release.

    Phase 4: Testing

    Plan and coordinate testing with PostFinance. The most important information on software validation can be found under “Testing”.

    Phase 5: Release

    Consider when and how you want to inform your solution providers and customers and how to offer them support.

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