Software products with ISO 20022 readiness

Development status and functionalities offered for the various software products

The design of the individual software products and the expected release date of the update can be found on the information sheet.

ISO-20022 readiness in detail

Software partners can have their software products reviewed by PostFinance and thus achieve various levels of ISO 20022 readiness. The software is reviewed in terms of the functionalities offered and process support. This means you will always be informed about the readiness of your software.

Information for software partners

ISO 20022 readiness is a functional, procedural classification given to software products by PostFinance. It is explicitly not an official ISO certificate, and no ISO certification bodies are involved in the evaluation process. The ISO 20022 readiness is only assessed so that you can be better prepared for the change of payment transaction software to the new ISO 20022 formats and have a better idea of the Swiss financial center’s Implementation Guidelines.