Financial institutions

Important information at a glance

PostFinance advises and assists financial institutions with the migration process. Below you will find the most important information on the technical modifications and the migration implementation plan for financial institutions.

A strong partnership for a smooth migration process

PostFinance is committed to using its capabilities and technical know-how to ensure a successful, efficient migration process for the harmonization of Swiss payment transactions. We are therefore happy to help financial institutions who have questions about making technological modifications to their systems or who want to carry out tests following the introduction of pacs formats. We advise you to make the necessary modifications to your systems at an early stage.

We will be pleased to provide you with support

As a reliable partner, PostFinance advises and assists financial institutions. Contact your customer advisor.

The migration implementation plan

The timetable for the migration of payment transactions is decided on independently by each financial institution. They are also responsible for coordination with their customers. As it currently stands, all financial institutions are set to switch to ISO 20022 by mid 2018.

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