Information on the testing options and services available from PostFinance can be found below. Test your software in two steps.

Step 1: PostFinance test platform

The new ISO 20022 standard data formats and all PostFinance products can be tested for quality easily and comprehensively on the PostFinance test platform.

This service is available to all customers and is designed for heterogeneous system environments.

Step 2: Active customer test

Once validation has been completed on the test platform, a system test will be made available to you. The active customer test is designed to test the end-to-end work processes and ensure that the payment orders or debits delivered during productive use can be processed. The active customer test system is however not intended for the testing or control of master data.

You can submit orders up to a maximum size of 100 transactions. Test runs in ISO 20022XML format can therefore be carried out in full and end-to-end, from the initialization of the order file to the receipt of the payment notification. The system test is suitable for all the products used (EPO, ISR, OSR, CH-DD, SEPA-DD).

Test delivery of productive data

When using this test service, the aim is to obtain a test delivery on the basis of the existing productive data. To do so, the data processed during production is delivered again as a test file in the required format via the relevant channel.

If you want to supply test data, please first contact the “Electronic Services” Contact Center or your customer advisor: 
Tel.: +41 848 848 424 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

ISR slip test

The aim of the slip test is to check the quality of the individual slips delivered. If at least 30 slips are submitted, they can be scanned and a file delivery can be sent to the customer on request. The slip test is particularly recommended before the first slips are sent out.

Details on the active customer test, the test delivery of productive data and the slip test can be found in the “Active customer test” manual.