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From high-performance, real-time communications platforms to contactless vital parameters for the diagnosis of sleep apnoea, lots of exciting startups have already used the premises at the startup space in Zurich Schlieren for a six-month period to develop their ideas. Here you can see the current and previous winners and the goals these startups are pursuing.

Currently at the startup space

  • TONI Digital Insurance Solutions AG was founded by a team of experienced IT and insurance experts. They develop tailored digital solutions for insurers and companies seeking to expand their range of products or which have already done so with a view to opening up new lines of business and market opportunities.

    Even though TONI provides all the services of a comprehensive insurance provider, the customers always have direct contact with the insured parties. Behind the scenes, TONI makes sure that the insurers can provide their customers with better insurance solutions quickly, easily and digitally.

  • Impact Acoustic AG developed the Chatpod – a high-quality, isolated and agile booth for making phone calls and holding small meetings. The Chatpod is made from cardboard, PET bottles, sawdust and tyres, which means 97% of it comprises post-consumer materials, and it is 100% recyclable. They are produced in the Swiss Alps together with a local social enterprise.

    The Chatpod comes in three versions:

    • ChatPod CHAT: a single-user booth for phone calls and short online meetings.
    • ChatPod TALK: a booth with two seats, ideal for two-way conversations. It can be expanded to a four-seat model if required.
    • ChatPod MEET: a booth with four seats that is ideal for small team meetings.
  • The Swiss startup Derma2go AG has developed an innovative remote dermatology system which enables patients to consult dermatologists online and obtain medical advice within a short space of time.

    The waiting time for an appointment with a dermatologist is often several weeks. This is not beneficial for patients or medical professionals. Derma2go, an innovative remote dermatology platform, provides dermatological advice online in three steps:

    • Take a photo
    • Complete a questionnaire
    • Answer from dermatologist within 24 hours
  • Behamics is a software solution which reduces the number of product returns and increases net revenue in e-commerce through the combination of behavioural science and machine learning. The tool aims to find the right behavioural incentive for the right customer and at the right touchpoint in order to change the returns behaviour of online shoppers.

    Behamics focuses on the following three areas:

    • Nudge targeting: creating the right message for the right customer at the right touchpoint based on behavioural psychology.
    • AI Engine: learning system based on tailored algorithms which ensures self-optimizing nudge targeting.
    • Big data: customer insights through constant analysis and A/B tests of purchasing data.
  • The aim of Yasai is to bring people closer to agriculture, reduce food miles, produce a high-quality, tasty product and save our planet’s most valuable resources: water and land.

    Yasai uses vertical and local agriculture to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the current food supply chain, whilst managing to offer society a wider variety of food at the same time.

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