Start-ups and PostFinance

How we help shape a technologically advanced future

PostFinance supports start-ups in various business fields, in order to help develop promising business models. Find out here which start-ups we support, what they need to offer and how the selection process works.

What we offer

PostFinance supports start-ups in clearly defined business fields, in order to help develop exciting business ideas. We provide selected start-ups with expertise, tried-and-tested methods, premises and/or funds, and by doing this, we create the ideal conditions for business plans to advance. The objective is a cooperation that generates value added: the start-up benefits from focused support, and PostFinance is given the opportunity to invest in new business plans.

  • The cooperations we establish with these start-ups take various forms, ranging from close partnerships, to customer relationships, to sales support, right through to investment from PostFinance. The type of cooperation we establish and the manner in which the business ideas are integrated into the innovation process are decided by PostFinance. In essence, business ideas are assessed on how innovative they are, as well as the impact they will have on the core business or the business model.

  • PostFinance focuses on relevant business fields when it comes to choosing which start-ups to support. This is why start-ups pursuing business ideas in the following areas feature particularly prominently:

    Administration & technology (AdminTech)

    AdminTech uses new technologies in order to create with solutions that reduce, simplify and process administrative operations efficiently.

    Data as a service (DaaS)

    In the case of DaaS, data analysis is offered for third parties based on transaction data and other data in a bank. 

    Financial technology (FinTech)

    FinTech involves digital or technological financial innovations.

    Gaming specifically for banks

    Gaming for banks includes solutions that financial institutions can use to tap into the gaming market (e.g. for buying and trading virtual goods) and the development of in-house gaming solutions for banks (e.g. games or gamified components for existing products and services).

    Internet of things (IoT) micropayment

    IoT micropayment offers wearable and technical devices that can transmit data independently, as well as trigger payment processes or invoicing.

    Legal & technology (LegalTech)

    LegalTech creates applications that harness digitization to help automate, simplify and improve processes used in justice, the application and administration of law and access to law.

    Property & technology (PropTech)

    PropTech encompasses solutions that revolve around digitization in the real estate sector.

    Regulatory & technology (RegTech)

    RegTech uses information technology to improve and automate regulatory processes in the financial services sector.

    Tax & technology (TaxTech)

    TaxTech focuses on technologically supported services or products that are capable of providing optimum results for any tax situation and tell users how different invoicing options affect the tax outcome.

  • Does your start-up have a sophisticated business concept in one of these areas? Use the following checklist to see whether your start-up might qualify for PostFinance support

    • You have a clear vision and mission
    • You have a scalable business model
    • You know your customers and your competition
    • Your solution comes under one of our specialist fields of business
    • Your solution offers value added for PostFinance
    • You have a clear image of the type of cooperation you are looking for