Study participants

Meaningful results thanks to 609 companies

A cross-sector, quantitative survey of internationally active Swiss SMEs was carried out between March and May 2016.

Decision-makers provide information

The respondents have been in their current role for 14 years on average, whereas decision-makers in medium-sized enterprises have been in their position a slightly shorter time, with an average of 12 years. The results are based on the responses from the following decision-makers:

  • Founder and CEO (49.7%)
  • CEO (15.0%)
  • Successor and CEO (24.8%)
  • Senior management (7.3%)
  • Others involved in making strategic decisions (3.2%)

In total, 609 questionnaires (online or on paper) were completed by Swiss SMEs from all regions of the country. The average age of the companies surveyed was 31 years. They were categorized according to their size:

  • 320 microenterprises (52.5%) with an average of 4 employees
  • 207 small businesses (34.0%) with an average of 22 employees
  • 82 medium-sized companies (13.5%) with an average of 106 employees

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, SMEs in Switzerland break down into 87.37% microenterprises, 10.65% small businesses and 1.99% medium-sized companies.