Tapping into markets

Tips for expanding abroad

For anyone looking to expand abroad, there’s a lot to consider. Find out how to manage a trade fair appearance successfully or what CE marking is all about.

Trade fair appearance

How can you successfully boost turnover abroad? How can Swiss companies tap into new markets? The most effective way to offer the majority of exportable products and services to foreign customers is with a balanced mix of sales techniques. A key success factor is the right trade fair appearance.

“CE marking”

If you want to operate in the European market, there is no way around the CE marking. Find out when the CE marking is required, what conditions must be met and much more in the relevant PDF.

E-commerce online course

Learn everything you need to know about e-commerce in an online course: Food for thought and solutions – from the shop system and payment to logistics. Thanks to the Internet, you can reach new customers via a website – regardless of time zone and around the clock – and boost sales via a webshop.

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KU magazine “Foreign trade”

Find out about possible market entry strategies for SMEs and learn what you need to know about foreign trade. You can order the print version now free of charge on this page.

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