Risk management

Pursue a well thought out risk policy

To take advantage of the opportunities offered by foreign trade, you need a solid risk management strategy. Download the guide and other resources free of charge.

Check export risks

To be successful in foreign trade in the long term, sales success must be supplemented by a degree of hedging in the form of a risk management strategy. As part of a project funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the universities of Chur and Fribourg have developed a guide and a risk assessment tool. These resources are particularly suitable for smaller companies.

GTC and contracts

General terms and conditions (GTC) are an efficient instrument for protecting companies in the process of internationalization. Conducting business without general terms and conditions involves a high risk of partners subsequently failing to keep to agreements made.

Foreign currency hedging

Forward buying and selling and other forms of currency risk hedging make prices predictable. Use the resources provided to you by PostFinance.

Cash management

Cash management is also very important in foreign trade. It ensures that sufficient liquidity is available when you need it. PostFinance provides you with support for professional liquidity planning and explains in a video what you need to watch out for.

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