Press International

Efficient distribution through various channels, professional publisher marketing and an excellent reader service are important strategic success positions for publishing houses and other publishers of newspapers, magazines and publications (e.g. customer, employee, member newspapers/magazines, bulletins, newsletters). Particularly when marketing your publications abroad, proximity to your readers in the target countries plays a key role. Swiss Post bridges distances all over the world and at various different levels.

Serve your subscribers worldwide

Choose between two shipping methods tailored to the nature and focus of your publication: the fastest possible or more cost-effective option.

Serve customers all over the world with collective consignments

Send multiple copies conveniently with a collective consignment to a recipient address abroad.

Send small quantities particularly efficiently to selected countries

For some destination countries, you can take advantage of a particularly cost-efficient service for distribution.

Mail larger quantities worldwide or in selected countries

When shipping larger quantities, you can benefit from an individual offer. For most industrialized countries, there is also a country-specific offer.

Efficiency improvement in international distribution

Take advantage of various value-added services in the areas of logistics, marketing and reader service to create the conditions required to operate close to your markets and customers anywhere in the world.