International letters

In business communication, the letter occupies a key position and will continue to do so in the future. Letters have a more binding effect than e-mails. They command a significantly higher degree of attention, underline the seriousness of the message and are a sign of appreciation towards the recipient. Swiss Post ensures that you can also exploit the medium of the letter and its advantages in your business abroad to your full satisfaction.

Send letters easily

As with domestic A and B Mail, you can also choose between faster and more cost-effective options for your cross-border correspondence. Either way, our accustomed levels of quality are guaranteed.

Send larger letter volumes

If you post 500 or more letters at once, you benefit from significantly lower postage costs, and delivery times are of course the same as for single items.

Regular mailing of business correspondence

For regular mailing of business correspondence, you can take advantage of a solution designed specifically with business customers in mind that offers both cost advantages and an easy way of preparing items for mailing.

Give the impression of being a local company abroad

To give your recipients abroad the impression that they are dealing with a local company, your can have your mail marked with the postage paid impression of the destination country.

Send larger volumes of printed materials to the same recipient

For simultaneous worldwide mailing of books, brochures, catalogues or other printed materials to the same recipient, you can benefit from a suitable collective consignment.

Document posting and receipt and track consignments

The posting and receipt of international mail can also be documented in writing, which means that you have the evidence if you need to provide proof to recipients.