Distance Selling International

It’s not only your goods and products – delivery is also perceived as part of your company’s market performance. Reliable and punctual deliveries that meet the deadlines you promise play a major role in shaping the image of your company. When choosing your international logistics partner, you should therefore take a close look at whether the company has the required expertise.

Regular shipping of small goods up to 2 kg

Do you regularly ship small items such as books or shoes to customers and prospects abroad? Do you deliver in different formats and in different zones and countries? Then you can benefit from standardized processes, uniform posting conditions and simple customs clearance.

Convey a sense of customer proximity

For some destination countries, you can save on postage costs by preparing larger shipping volumes in accordance with the country’s requirements. Including a postage paid impression and return address from the destination country is also recommended, in order to give recipients a sense of customer proximity.

Optimization of small goods shipping

Whether you want to outsource your logistics to concentrate on your core business, need advice on handling customs and VAT formalities without any red tape, or are looking for a returns solution: with our value-added services, you can optimize your small goods shipping.