Direct Marketing International

With direct marketing, you can tailor your communication concepts to specific target groups and address your recipients with personalized messages. In addition, the success of your campaigns is measurable. From the response, you receive valuable information about the requirements and behaviour of your recipients. With Swiss Post as a partner, direct marketing literally knows no limits.

Attract and retain customers with optimized postage in specific destination countries

Above a defined minimum volume of identical mailings, you benefit from the most inexpensive means of transport and delivery available in certain destination countries. You can also do the preliminary sorting of your promotional mailings to save additional costs.

Send more than 500 letter mailings abroad at once

With a volume of more than 500 letters, you benefit from significantly less expensive postage costs, and delivery times are of course the same as for single items.

Attract new customers and generate addresses

Unaddressed mailings let you tap into new customer segments in international markets, allowing you to attract customers in the countries you are interested in and giving you access to customer addresses.

Increase the response to your mailing campaigns

Pre-addressed and pre-franked replies act as a response driver to boost the impact of your addressed and unaddressed mailings. They allow your existing and potential customers to react quickly and easily to your offers, surveys and competitions.

A big advertising impact with little effort

You can also take care of the production and mailing of invitations to events, campaigns and promotions, competitions, prize draws and many other applications conveniently on screen.

Optimize planning and consignment preparation for direct mailing

The development of market potential abroad should be well prepared. With the right tools, you can send mailings at the right time, acquire the right addresses or attract more attention with a special postage paid impression.