Customs clearance

Import clearance of letters, parcels and courier consignments

Customs clearance includes the import clearance of letters, parcels and EMS consignments. Swiss Post handles the customs formalities for you and offers appropriate value-added services.

From Switzerland to abroad and vice versa

Every day, Swiss Post transports thousands of consignments across the Swiss border, both out of Switzerland and into Switzerland from abroad. Each of these consignments is checked without exception by the customs authorities in both the country of origin and the country of destination. To ensure that your consignments can be quickly processed and passed on by customs authorities, all the necessary documents and forms must be completed fully and correctly.

Customs clearance can be carried out either by the customs authorities (official customs clearance) or by professional customs clearance officers (commercial customs clearance). The customs authorities in the country of destination are authorized to double-check the customs clearance at any time, regardless of which customs clearance model it is based on. From country to country, different non-Swiss Post import levies such as turnover tax and/or customs duties may be charged for a consignment. Country-specific fees may also be incurred.

Shipping customs clearance

Whether it’s import, export or transit: as an approved recipient and consignor, Swiss Post clears your goods quickly and directly. This means long waiting times and additional goods handling can be avoided. Our seamless network throughout Switzerland and excellent cooperation with companies at home and abroad guarantee high-quality tailored solutions.

EU customs clearance

Swiss Post offers you tailored custom clearance solutions, including fiscal representation in the EU, giving Swiss SMEs without their own subsidiary in the EU fair competition opportunities when shipping to the European Union. Swiss Post’s expertise in the area of EU customs clearance allows exports with short delivery times and the minimum of administration – via either Germany or France.

Postal customs clearance

Swiss Post charges taxes and levies on goods imported into Switzerland on behalf of the Federal Customs Administration and in accordance with the applicable legislation. Swiss Post takes care of import customs clearance and invoices taxes, duties and fees.