Developing markets

How to ensure your success in new markets

There are a range of strategies for developing markets. Each industry and country has its own practices. We’ll show you what you need to watch out for.

Customer care

You already have customers and are exploring your options for customer care? The PostFinance KU magazine “Customer care” will show you how to manage your customers efficiently, why it pays off to do so, and how to deal with customer data.


In foreign trade, the so-called Incoterms – the “rules of the game”, or terms and conditions of payment and delivery – are particularly important. They govern the uniform interpretation of the contractual terms commonly used for international trading activities. Find out everything you need to know about the international rules of the game and who bears what risk and up to which point.


Partnerships are not particularly popular in foreign trade, but depending on the country, industry and product, they are a useful strategy. This is because it is not always possible to push forward with the expansion of a market with your own resources. In the PostFinance KU magazine “Cooperation”, you’ll find a wealth of useful information and tips.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance includes the import clearance of letters, parcels and EMS consignments. Swiss Post handles the customs formalities for you and offers appropriate value-added services.

International document and goods shipments

In the development and maintenance of customer relationships, physical mailing continues to play an important role . Here you will find products tailored to the cycle of interaction with potential and existing customers.

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