Foreign trade

Success in foreign trade thanks to comprehensive expert knowledge

Does your company want to tap into new business potential abroad? PostFinance can help you with foreign trading thanks to its products and expert tips – so that you can easily cross the borders of importing and exporting.

For efficient payment transactions

Carrying out cross-border business also means handling cross-border payments. PostFinance offers you solutions for efficient payment transactions abroad.

Guidelines with useful expert knowledge for starting out in business abroad

There is a great deal of potential in foreign trade for Swiss companies. But how can you overcome the various challenges you face when starting out in business abroad? Our guidelines give you useful expert knowledge and practical tips.

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Use foreign currency for foreign trade

Hedge against currency risks with foreign exchange transactions and use price fluctuations to your own advantage.

Useful to know

Do you have goods to clear through customs or do you want to deliver letters, mailings or parcels to customers abroad? Information on the topics of customs clearance, The link will open in a new window international letters and mailings and The link will open in a new window international parcels is available directly from Swiss Post.