WCM solutions

You can use these products to optimize your working capital management

With factoring, reverse factoring and Supply Chain Finance, PostFinance offers three solutions that allow you to optimize payment deadlines and maintain targeted control of liquidity.

Factoring – optimization of customer cash flows

Factoring enables you to benefit from your customers’ good credit standing and to secure liquidity inexpensively. Here’s how factoring works: your company transfers the customer receivables to PostFinance. PostFinance in turn settles the outgoing invoice within a few days and assumes customers’ default risk.

The graphic illustrates the factoring process described above.

Reverse factoring/Supply Chain Finance – optimization of supplier cash flows

Reverse factoring and Supply Chain Finance aim to optimize supplier cash flows. With reverse factoring, PostFinance takes over your company’s payables to suppliers and guarantees their settlement on time. This allows your company to optimize the financing of purchases while also benefiting from longer payment terms.

The graphic illustrates the reverse factoring process described above.

The benefits of working capital solutions for your company

Factoring and reverse factoring allow companies to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexible optimization of liquidity
  • Reduction of finance charges (often less expensive than traditional forms of finance)
  • Increase in internal financing capacity
  • Reduction of the risk of default on payment
  • Increase in the predictability of cash flows
  • Improvement of key financial figures
  • Stability or even reduction of debt
  • Special benefit of factoring: increase in customer satisfaction as payment deadlines remain the same
  • Special benefit of reverse factoring: strong supplier relationships

Why employ working capital with PostFinance?

  • PostFinance’s WCM experts support you with their in-depth expertise in the analysis, design and implementation of a customized solution.
  • PostFinance offers very favourable financing terms thanks to the excellent creditworthiness of Swiss Post and an independent selection of the most inexpensive risk takers.
  • The instruments can be adapted if required. Options include, for example, open or silent factoring and non-recourse or recourse factoring, submission of invoices via an automated interface or via e-mail and invoicing and payment collection by your company or PostFinance.

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