WCM in Swiss companies

Facts and figures from the Working Capital Management Study 2017

The Working Capital Management Study conducted annually by the University of St. Gallen presents a comprehensive overview of WCM in Swiss companies. You can find the key facts and figures from the latest study here.

Focus on WCM

The Working Capital Management Study 2017 indicates that Swiss companies are optimistic about the future and anticipate a significant increase in revenues and profit. However, this should be achieved without an increase in working capital as far as possible. Attention is therefore being focused on WCM.

Ongoing low finance charges

The costs of a medium-term loan remain very low. 6% of companies even receive negative interest rates. The proportion of bank loans in the financing structure has nevertheless fallen in recent years. Companies want to remain as independent as possible.

Constant capital tie-up time

The average cash-to-cash cycle for Switzerland remains constant at 87 days compared to the previous year.

WCM impact on earnings

Participants emphasize the positive impact of WCM on key corporate objectives. This positive impact is not restricted to liquidity but also extends to&  profitability and process efficiency.

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