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Created on 06.06.2019

Successful payment collection solutions for associations

Be it a sport or music association, an interest group or political organization – whatever their aim, all associations have one thing in common: membership fees, donations or sponsorship money are always needed to help meet the association goals. We present three different payment collection solutions and ask the FSG Chailly-Lausanne, LEA and Tennis Ticino associations to explain why they chose a particular option.

Inpayment slip: traditional payment collection with or without accounting software

Different types of inpayment slip exist in Switzerland: the red inpayment slip (IS) without reference number and the orange inpayment slip (ISR) with reference number. The red inpayment slip is suitable for associations with no data processing resources. The orange inpayment slip is recommended for larger slip volumes, however. This allows automated invoicing and payment processing via association software. In addition, cash payment fees are lower with the orange inpayment slip than with the red alternative.

The Fédération Suisse de Gymnastique Chailly-Lausanne has opted for inpayment slips for payment collection: “We’ve learned from experience that inpayment slips give us optimum control over incoming payments”, explains treasurer Isabelle Rüttimann. “It’s also convenient for our members to be able to pay their invoice by post, online or on their smartphone.”

E-bill: send your bills to your members’ e-banking

We recommend this payment collection solution if you want to manage your finances in e-finance. You can send the e-bill directly from your financial software. If you do not have financial software, you can use the e-bill light, SmartBusiness or ISRlight online solutions. Your members receive the e-bill in e-banking and can pay it in just one click. In order to send e-bills, your association needs to register for the service. Your members can then select your association from a list of invoice issuers so that they will receive invoices in e-banking in future.

LEA, the association with the world’s first label for accessible and age-appropriate living, offers e-bill light on request. “Payment collection is like our LEA label: it should be as easy and beneficial as possible. That way, it becomes a minor detail and we can concentrate fully on the further establishment of our label”, says Andreas Huber, Managing Director and Treasurer.

SmartCommerce: send payment links easily by e-mail

If you want to send payment requests as links by e-mail or social media, you can do so with the SmartCommerce from PostFinance browser solution. SmartCommerce enables your association to collect membership fees, sponsorship money or donations. The payment links contain all the details required for payment, such as the currency, amount and other user-defined fields. By clicking on the payment link, your members can pay by PostFinance Mastercard, Visa or, if offered, via PayPal. Standard payment methods are already integrated into the software solution and are subject to a uniform commission rate (except PayPal).

The Tennis Ticino association collects sponsorship money with SmartCommerce. Alessandro Marrarosa, who is in charge of sponsorship, was particularly impressed by the simple set-up of this payment collection solution: “All we had to do was add our text and images to an existing template and tell PostFinance that we wanted to go online. Then we were able to start sending payment links to sponsors by e-mail right away.”

Which payment collection solution is suitable for your association?

The overview table contains the most important information on payment collection options.

  SmartCommerce E-bill
Inpayment slip
Here’s how your association can collect money
By sending a payment link via e-mail or posting it on social media
By sending an invoice electronically directly into the invoice recipient’s e-banking 
Inpayment slip
By sending a red or orange inpayment slip by post 
Here’s how your members can pay 
  • By clicking on the payment link
  • By using all payment methods from PostFinance, Mastercard, Visa or, if you offer it, by PayPal
By logging into e-banking and confirming the payment with one click
Inpayment slip
Inpayment at a branch counter or by bank/postal transfer
Useful to know
  • No technical knowledge is needed for SmartCommerce (browser solution)
  • Updates are included in the subscription
  • It is also suitable for creating an online shop
  • You do not need your own website
  • To use e-bill, the association must register with PostFinance and the invoice recipient must register in e-banking.
  • The e-bill is sent using your own financial software or, if the association does not use software, via the online solutions e-bill light, SmartBusiness or ISRlight.
Inpayment slip
  • The red inpayment slip (IS) is suited to associations without data processing resources.
  • The orange inpayment slip with the printed reference number (ISR) allows automated invoicing and payment processing via association software.
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