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Created on 16.03.2020

A flexible office thanks to SmartBusiness

From offers to invoicing and controlling of accounts receivable, with PostFinance’s SmartBusiness, SMEs manage their accounts receivable and accounts payable easily via an online platform.

Administrative tasks are a necessary evil for many SMEs. Companies seeking to focus more on their core business  and their customers  can simplify their day-to-day business  by using software like PostFinance’s SmartBusiness. The online platform with a modular structure  was developed as a solution  especially for SMEs. It is easy to use and has the advantage of being browser-based.  This means that neither IT installations nor maintenance work are required. It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time on a mobile device. Anyone who uses the tool for creating invoices and offers  as well as the management of accounts payable and accounts receivable in general does not have to worry about switching to the new standard.  The changes are carried out automatically.

The solution is just as individual as the requirements

SmartBusiness allows companies to drive the digitization of their accounting forward. Companies have a choice between two packages. The Basic subscription covers product, service and customer management, offer and invoice creation as well as accounts receivable functions with direct booking of incoming payments. The Advanced option also includes project management and time recording for employees. The supplementary option of accounts payable management also includes the recording of expenditure, including PDF receipts, the generation of pain.001 payment files and the reconciliation of account statements with outstanding expenses.

SmartBusiness covers the entire range of accounts receivable management tasks and offers accounts payable management as an option. The software provides support with offer and invoice generation. It gives an overview of outstanding invoices and receivables. It also helps companies to ensure their cash flow is secure and to keep track of payment terms. 

Test SmartBusiness free of charge

By registering at The link will open in a new window the tool can be trialled free of charge for 30 days, providing  the opportunity to discover just how easily invoices can be created, for example. The trial subscription can be converted into a package as required. An upgrade can be carried out at any time. The subscription can be cancelled with notice to the end of any month. If a subscription is taken out, PostFinance links the account with the business account. This means that contacts only have to be entered or imported once and then you can get started.

This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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