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Created on 12.11.2018

More scope for creativity: from Excel to the smart solution

The owners of the entertainment agency “Kreis3Production” are celebrating their newly acquired freedom: thanks to PostFinance’s SmartBusiness they have more time, for example, to dedicate to the performer Stress.

We cannot sell emotions if we don’t feel them ourselves.
Niko Vettas, the owner and CEO of the entertainment agency “Kreis3Production”

With SmartBusiness, a solution specially developed for  accounts receivable management at SMEs, he knew immediately: “The online platform impressed me straightaway with its easy-to-use functions.”

Professional accounts receivable management instead of Excel templates

The 38-year-old knew immediately that he would save time and money with the professional  accounts receivable management solution from PostFinance. He had previously spent several hours a week managing accounts receivable with self-created Excel templates. “All of a sudden you have to deal with so much administrative work that the core business gets overlooked,” says Vettas, speaking from experience. Accounting presents a major challenge for most SMEs. Especially if a company has grown as rapidly as the agency run by Niko Vettas and his 40-year-old business partner Christian Goulios.

Optimized liquidity – the foundation for successful SMEs

“We’ve doubled our revenue over the past five years,” notes Vettas, outlining his company’s growth. The short form of its name is k3p and it emerged from Zurich’s hip Kreis 3 district. It all began at the end of the 1990s: “We were young students who enjoyed partying. So we turned our hobby into a career.” They did not expect to see the event agency quickly develop into a well-established marketing agency. As well as companies, k3p today also works with artists such as the rapper Stress. “This means it’s all the more important that we have now found an effective software solution with SmartBusiness for our accounts receivable.   It makes accounts receivable management easier and gives us more scope for creativity,” concludes Vettas. The online platform seamlessly integrates e-bill, inpayment slip with reference number (ISR) and e-payment from e-banking. Offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and accounts receivable can be created, sent and managed. “Above all, this creates transparency,” underlines Vettas. Being able to access customer, product and offer data as well as  accounts receivable  in just a few clicks saves him lots of time: “I can see first thing in the morning who has paid and who has not.” This helps optimize the SME’s liquidity. Efficient accounts receivable management reduces dependence on borrowing and minimizes business risks. This allows SMEs in particular to keep control of their entire financial accounting system, including dunning processes.

Improved performance thanks to integrated software

However, the information  from accounts receivable management is not just available to management – employees can also be given access at no additional cost. “This means everyone is always aware of what is going on and less communication is required,” explains Vettas. This is far from the only saving achieved: “At CHF 20 a month, the price is unbeatable – similar software would cost much more elsewhere.” It also offers security and flexibility as the data is hosted in Switzerland. A key factor – especially for Swiss SMEs. And access is possible from anywhere via Internet on a mobile phone using two-factor authentication. The agency k3p opted for the full package which includes time recording functions for employees and project management in addition to accounts receivable management. Vettas regards this as another benefit: “Otherwise we would need two systems.” This solution has also boosted performance: the  software improves project-related work where the employee responsible performs all working steps for a customer. 

Simple, passionate, professional

Optimized liquidity is not the only reason to use professional accounts receivable management: “In general, we’re closer to our customers now than before.” Just as close as they are to PostFinance: “Our customer advisor always provides us with very professional support. I got to grips with the system in no time at all,” says Vettas, who as a service provider places particular emphasis on good advice. This is provided in a simple, passionate and professional way – qualities which the business owner also attributes to the rapper Stress. “He is just as dependable as PostFinance.”

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