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Created on 12.11.2018

All your accounting procedures on a single platform

SmartBusiness from PostFinance is an online platform with a modular structure which allows SMEs to conveniently manage their accounts receivable and accounts payable. Specifically SMEs can perform their administrative tasks using a single tool, covering offer generation, checking outstanding invoices, the recording of accounts payable invoices and VAT. Reto Schneider, CEO of the management consultancy Consilex AG, has been using SmartBusiness for more than three years. How has he found it?

Many SMEs have one thing in common – administrative tasks are not part of their core business. The management of accounts receivable and accounts payable are also often not one of the things business owners enjoy most. Checking outstanding accounts receivable, issuing invoices and sending reminders are a vital part of success in business. They ensure cash flow is secure. A lack of liquidity can have a major impact on business activities.

Professional accounts payable and accounts receivable management

There are lots of software solutions on the market which help Swiss companies to perform their administrative tasks. One of them is SmartBusiness from PostFinance. It was especially developed for SMEs, is easy to use and has a modular structure. Users select the Basic or Advanced package with or without accounts payable management depending on their requirements.

What SmartBusiness brings to day-to-day operations at SMEs

One company which uses SmartBusiness is Consilex AG. The 15-strong consultancy firm based in Berne provides customers with support in the fields of organizational development, training and project management. Consilex CEO Reto Schneider explains why he opted for this solution and what he thinks of it in an interview.

Reto Schneider, when did your company start using SmartBusiness to handle its administrative tasks?

Consilex has been using SmartBusiness  for over three years.  We use the online platform for our entire accounts payable and accounts receivable management, benefiting from a one-stop-shop solution. More specifically we use it to manage, for example, all of our offers, which are converted into invoices upon order execution, and to check outstanding accounts receivable via the tool. Since its introduction in 2016, the SmartBusiness subscription has definitely paid  dividends for us : administrative costs have fallen. This gives us valuable time to dedicate to our core business instead of accounting.

Why did you opt for SmartBusiness?

I was impressed by the fact that SmartBusiness is a browser-based solution. No IT knowledge is required. This means time-consuming IT installation and maintenance work  has never been an issue. A good example is the harmonization of payment transactions with the ISO-20022 standard in Switzerland. This solution paid off, especially when the migration to  ISO 20022 took place. We didn’t have to waste time worrying about how to switch to the standard. The changes were carried out automatically. The tool is also easy to use and I can access it on a mobile device from anywhere and at any time.  An important factor for our business is that the project reporting and time recording function ensures we constantly keep track of how many hours our employees have spent on a particular project.

Was getting started with SmartBusiness time-consuming?

SmartBusiness is a browser-based  digital solution. No software needs to be downloaded or installed. Set-up is very intuitive and self-explanatory. It’s only a matter of importing the customer and product data on a one-off basis. But that was no trouble.

Optimal for small businesses: test SmartBusiness for 30 days free of charge

  • To test SmartBusiness for 30 days free of charge, simply register at
  • If you’re impressed by the trial subscription, you can opt for one of the SmartBusiness packages. You can upgrade at any time and cancel again with notice to the end of any month
  • Once you’ve subscribed, PostFinance will link your account with your PostFinance account and then you can get started
  • Enter your contacts in a few steps and generate your first offers and invoices
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